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In the rare event that something has to be returned we allow 30 days from receipt of the purchased item for the purchaser to contact us before returning. Where possible new items will be replaced not repaired if faulty within 28 days. Items returned which are not faulty or returned as not wanted/wrongly ordered will be charged a 20% restocking fee. Items must be returned in the condition as dispatched with all original packing. Goods must be returned insured and carriage paid at the buyers expense. Used items are not normally accepted for return except if faulty on delivery. Consumables such as Styli, batteries etc will not be accepted for return

TOA  WM-5325 Pocket transmitter  requires a microphone

New UHF model (rechargeable)

      Available on Channel 38 (license required)

                  And channel 70 (License free)

    WM5325/D04   Available from stock              

    WM5325/D02   Available from  stock                                

                  The WM5325/D02  is a direct replacement for WM5320/DO2

WM 5325 LAPEL 16 and 64 channel UHF

       and lightweight body

Microphone Element   

Frequency Range        

Channel Selectable     

Maximum Input Level  






Not included

6 – 865 MHz, UHF

64 channels

-14 dB to -29 dB* (Audio level control: Min. to Max.)

LR6 (AA) or WB-2000 (Ni-MH battery)

Resin, coating

62 (W) × 102.5 (H) × 23 (D) mm

90 g (with battery)

Screw driver, Storage case, Neck strap

TOA  YP-M5310      Omni-directional Lavalier Mic

For use with WM-5325 Pocket Transmitter

TOA  YP-M5300     Uni-directional Lavalier Mic

For use with WM-5325 Pocket Transmitter

Supplied with swivel tie clip

TOA  WM-3310 Pocket transmitter with tie clip microphone

The D/02 transmitter can be used to replace a WM370


Specification Emission       

Frequency Range               

Channel Selectable   

RF Carrier Power    

Tone Frequency    

Modulation System    

Maximum Input Level   

Maximum Deviation    


Battery Life  



Ambient Temperature    





Microphone Element   

Cable Length     

Power Requirement   


Frequency range may vary by area (between 169 to 216 MHz).


169-216 MHz, VHF

6 CH

Less than 50 mW

32.768 kHz

PLL synthesizer

120 dB SPL

±40 kHz

6LR61 (9 V x 1)

More than 10 hours (alkaline)

Power/Battery indicator

1/4 λ wire antenna

-10C to +50C

Resin, coating

62(W) × 142(H) × 32(D) mm

135 g (with battery)


Electret condenser microphone, cardioid

1.3 m

DC (supplied from transmitter unit )  

ø3.5 plug

TOA  WM-3310H  Pocket transmitter with headset microphone

£163.72  Excl VAT  (£196.46 incl)

Normally available to order with short delivery time

                 Specifications are the same the WM-3310 but with a WM4000H headset microphone instead of tie clip

Can be used with the TOA headset or tie clip microphone.

QTX Body pack transmitter with Headset microphone

A lightweight VHF wireless transmitter with a headband microphone for use with the PPA74 (170.125) portable DVD karaoke systems.





9Vdc (1 x PP3)


98 x 65 x 32mm



RF output power



175.0 MHz

174.8 MHz

173.8 MHz

174.1 MHz

TOA  WH-4000P pouch and belt for transmitters

The WH-4000P is a waist pouch to house a wireless microphone transmitter unit.

Its elastic belt helps the pouch fit to your waist.

800 mm (1300 mm at full extension)

Elastic cloth, black



TOA  Microphones for use with the above transmitter


Trantec MIC SJ66 Headset microphone

Black   Available from stock   £95.50 Excl VAT (£114.60 incl)

The MIC-SJ66 is a headworn microphone with a Mini Jack Connector for use with the S4.04 and S4.10 Series Beltpacks. The MIC-SJ66 has been designed primarily with the sports and aerobics industry in mind and is therefore built to withstand the everyday rigours of an active lifestyle.


Type                             Super Cardioid Electret Condenser

Nominal Impedance                                         3000 Ohms

Max SPL                                                                >125dB

Operating Voltage                                2-10Volts min/max

Current Consumption                                                50uA

Frequency Response                                    z-16kHz +3dB

Cable Length                                                         1500mm

Colours Available                                   Black, Blue, Yellow


The 174.1 version will not replace the pocket transmitter used on the 952-410  (HS25) portable system if the one supplied with the unit uses 2 x AA batteries. It will only replace the pocket transmitter using a PP3 battery



Trantec MIC SJ33 Headset microphone

   The MIC-SJ33 is a head worn microphone with a Mini Jack Connector for use with the S4.04 and S4.10 Series Beltpacks. This microphone has been designed primarily for the active professional who need hands free operation.


Type                                           Electret Condenser

Nominal Impedance                                 300 ohms

Max SPL                                                      >120dB

Frequency Response                            20Hz-16kHz

Cable Length                                              1500mm



No longer


Sorry Discontinued

No longer available